December 2009 

Our branch of the family tree in Mexico at 

Sofia's 1st Communion 

November 2009 

Oh, a sad day - Jeff is ready to take the ol' Jeep to the car farm....

October 2009


Rose and Isabel McGaha ready to go out for Halloween

September 2009 

The reason Mike played hooky

August 2009 

The Uribe family, (L to R)  in Copper Canyon

Francisco, Edelbais, Carmen, PePey, Esti, Sofia

Some of our most favorite people in the whole world.

Warm, friendly, loving - we miss all of them!

July 2009 


Our  Special Friend Gavin, son of our special friends, 

Brian and Leah Moser.  His second birthday (can't believe it!) 

What a unique cake for a terrific boy!

June 2009 

First Time in a Yak!

Dorothy Anne Moore - my little sister, during her "visit".

She had little time out from caring for Jackie while her hip heals - 

Did all the laundry, cleaning, vacuuming and dishes; 

I hated to see her leave.  Best sister in the world!


Same Yak - Different Pilot

Jennifer Lee Thurston - my daughter, also on a  "visit", 

following DA as a personal nurse for Jackie  while her hip heals - 

As did DA, she laundered, cleaned, vacuumed and played with the 

cats.  Its a shame she isn't here more often - Best daughter in the world!

May 2009 

Theo visits the local park to throw bread to the turtle and cat fish - 

being careful to not inadvertently provide a snack to other park fauna.

April 2009 

Spring Time in the Rockies

Jennifer and her crew- 

Andrew, Tom  - and Dorothy & Billy back at the Ol' Cab 


March 2009 


Theo in Florida.  First he snaps beans with his Mother and Grandmother.

Then its fishing time (Big Surprise) with Dad at Thousand Islands and his first fish of the day. 

February 2009

Our newest dog in law, SAGE, after his first hair cut.   

Sage has taken up residence in Maryland with his new parents:

Jim & Judy Pruitt

January 2009 

January 20, 2009 - 12:05

44th President of the United State 

President Barack H. Obama 

Yes We Did!