Philae & Abu Simbel 

Temple of Philae has the Temple of Isis .  The island of Philae has an important place of pilgrimage for worshippers until long into the Christian Era.  From Philae , Isis was said to watch over the sacred island Of Biga , one of the mythical burial sites of her husband Osiris.  

To the west lies the Gate of Hadrian, which was completed on the 24th August AD ~94, with use of Egypt ís last hieroglyphics.


Boat to Philae - Nile

Across the Nile to Philae Island

















                                                                            Perfume Mill


Hadrian  Gate   





"Oldest Picture of a Baseball Player........"



          Water Stains on Pillars While Aswan Dam Waters Rose             Christian Defaced 






                                                   Hadrian's Gate                                             Old Fort on Hill on Bank




Abu Simbel - Town 




Street Scene


Quarry & Unfinished Oblisk




Nile - Boat to Aswan to Aswan Botanical Gardens




Grave Sites Along Nile 










Philae at Night




Aswan Airport

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is hewn out of a solid cliff.  In the 13th century BC, the Great Temple of Abu Simbel  

and was built to honour Ramses II.