Buenos Aries , Argentina


Buenos Aries

Stretches south-to-north along the Rio de la Plata , has been the gateway to Argentina for centuries. Portenios, the multinational people of Buenos Aims are known; possess an elaborate and rich cultural identity.  They value their European heritage highly.  Italian and German names outnumber Spanish, and the lifestyle and architecture are markedly more European than any other in South America .  

The national dance, the Tango, is perhaps the best expression of that spirit-practiced in dance halls, parks, open plazas, and ballrooms, it is a dance of intimate separation and common rhythm, combining both an elegant reserve and an exuberant passion.  

Buenos Aires is, arguably, the shopping capital of Latin America . Argentine women (and men) are very well known for their impeccable style and immaculate grooming.  

Avenida Florida is a huge pedestrian shopping strip where locals and tourists gather to do some serious shopping. W also features side attractions such as Tango dancers and mimes.  

Argentinean “asado” (barbecue) is the most common meal in the Pampa region, where Buenos Aims resides, because of the large number of cattle, the variety of grasses, and breed improvement. Formerly, cows were roasted as a whole in a ceremony which could last for forty hours.