December 2011


Yep, It's Christmas !


So the family prepares across the nation



And then - Open the presents - Sofia in Culican, Mexico and Theo in Decatur


Open some presents at your risk - Owen in Annapolis


Then prepare for Christmas dinner with family and friends -at home in Satellite Beach.

A wonderful family Christmas - wherever we were 






November 2011

Our Southern Grandsons 



                                                    Theo                and                  Quinn


T and Q together - Little & Big Brother


Our Northern Grandchildren 


Scary Granddaughter Sofia


10, Going on 16, Sofia


Grandson Owen - What Cha' Do'n?


First Time He Pulled Up and Stood On His Own !!


October 2011

Road Trip with Uncle Billy - 

80th Birthday!

Went to the very haunted Stanley Hotel.  Yes - its haunted!

Room 217 - need we say more?

Interesting - the stairway to the bell tower and 

proof the hotel was build directly upon the bedrock 

and land there prior to construction.  

See the tree and roots still found in the basement?



Halloween - Owen enjoys his ride as he goes out to Trick or Treat.


Quinn thinks Daddad is pretty amusing.  I return the opinion.



September 2011

OK - First you set up your tree - Jen & Drew in Denver


Then you tell Santa what you want - Quinn in Decatur


Then Santa loads up the van - Santa Billy in Denver


Cheesy Pooffs anyone?


        Bad couple of days for poor Quinn.  Had to visit the

        hospital for a couple days. Upon coming come, as 

        Theo had strep throat, it was best to protect against

        additional infection.        



   Theo at the dentist.  Whoa!  



August 2011


OK, we have our fort - now we have to spread chips -                

 good luck with that Jeff.

Sofia will simply hang around & swing with Owen



July 2011


Theo and his Grandfather Charlie built this fantastic fort / play area / slide in Jeff & Lynne's back yard. 

 Theo and Quinn are exceptionally fortunate to have a Grandfather like Charlie - 

a loving, hard worker. 


Owen celebrates the 4th!        











June 2011


Jackie had her other hip replaced June 15.  These pictures were taken June 24 - 

just 9 days later.  She's remarkable.


On the left, Jackie is being coached by her PT, Charlie  Hoffhine .  On the right, she motors right along. 

 He is the consummate pro: personable, caring, considerate, and best of all, thoroughly knowledgeable. although Jackie sometimes calls him a torturer, she owes much of her progress to his tender care. We heard of him and his company via a recommendations by earlier patients - word of mouth.  

We hardily recommend his company, Family home Health Service.



Some of the beautiful flowers sent to Jackie.  Missing is the Edible Bouquet which was quickly eaten.  It was as delicious as the flowers were, and remain to this day, beautiful. 


May 2011


First - Let's welcome our niece Jessica Karia's new baby girl, 

Siri Karia, 8 lbs. and 20 inches.  Both are beautiful!


Jackie spent three weeks, more or less, with Owen, Sofia, Esti and Mike.

During the stay, they visited Boonsboro and our old friends were introduced to Owen 


                Nancy & Owen                                     Linda & Owen                                Emma Jean & Owen


                                              Tired ol' Owen rides home 

Where Nana Jackie takes care of dinner 


In addition to all this May excitement,

we had the pleasure of a visit from our

"Traveling Companions"  

Pam and Charles Bullock - here walking

the National Seashore at Canaveral 









                                And we saw the last flight of Endeavor 

A fond farewell 





April 2011 

First - Welcome the prospective newest male Gillespie;

Lynne & Jeff's "Squirmy" due August 



While Owen grows - 1 month old


First of many - very many - car rides


Lamentablemente, la abuela Carmen tiene que volver a casa.

 Ella echaremos mucho de menos no sólo por Esti y Owen, pero todos nosotros.


En Sofía, mi nieta favorita convertido en más y más bella.


And Theo, explorer and "swamp man" does what he does best- 

finds the nearest water and gets wet!


March 2011

Born 12:24 on March 9, Earl Owen came into the world at 9 lbs 3 oz, 20.5 inches to the proud parents of Esti and Mike Gillespie.   


Welcoming an new member of the Gillespie / Uribe family was an exhilarating event and one of those never to be forgotten pieces of everyone's life - especially all the grandparents!   We wish Francisco could have been here, but he will get his chance to hold Owen soon.

The fact that at least one Great Grandparent was able to see at lest two of the new additions to the Gillespie family made us all think how Sally, as well as Ruffy, Earl and Virginia would have loved to have been here with Owen.  

So please pardon the following section - true is isn't really March 2011 - but it is apropos.

A Grandparent's  Perspective & Retrospective 

One of the most powerful handclasps is that of a new grandbaby around the finger of a grandfather.  ~ Joy Hargrove



                                            Sofia                                                            Theo 



Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.  ~ Marcy DeMaree

Grandmother Jackie - Owen

                                                 Theo                                                                            Sofia 


                                   Grandmother Carmen - Owen                          Sofia



Being grandparents sufficiently removes us from the responsibilities 

so that we can be friends.  ~ Allan Frome


                                  Grandmother Bonnie - Theo                   Grandfather Charlie



Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old.  ~ Mary H. Waldrip

Great Grandmother Sally 






With Great Granddaughter Sofia 







                                                                        With Great Grandson Theo 





With Both Great Grandchildren 




With Grandson Jeff, his wife Lynne & Great Grandson Theo


A happy Great Grandson Theo & his Great Grandma Sally



February 2011


The 2nd next Gillespie Grandson / daughter

Jeff & Lynne  (expected August 2011)


                                    Theo getting an early start on                                       

                                      Saint Patrick's Day  Parade  

                                               in our front yard                   






                                                                                Coughing  uncontrollably  

                                                                                Vargas Nerve                       

                                                                                42" stool                                                                    

                                                                                Tile floor

                                                                                Enough said? 


January 2011


                                                    Julian                                                            Sofia

           My Culican "Nephew" & future baseball star              Celebrating the New Year


The 1st next Gillespie Grandson / daughter

Michael & Esti  (expected March 2011)