Sand Sculptures at the Brevard Zoo


These sand sculptures at the zoo were the first we had seen since 2011, when the first sand sculpture contest was held in Cocoa.   There were any number of difference between that contest and this display: this set was not a competition as far as we could tell, there was a theme for the sculptors - Wild Florida; Past, Present, Future - , and the setting was the jungle-like  environment of the back trails of the zoo.

All in all, these were fewer than the earlier contest and the quality of the sculptures was uneven.  Even so, they were pretty amazing.  The longer one stood and looked at each sculpture, the more detail was revealed and the more relationships between the individuals in the more complex sculptures were further related.  Amazingly, these sculpture have been out in the open for over two weeks.

And yes, the fact we had the "wilderness" setting, as opposed to an open field, made the sculptures seem even more alive.

Time well spent!

Welcome to the 2013 Sand Sculptures



So you want to make your own sculptures?


Start with special Florida sand - NOT beach sand


Build boxes larger than the sculpture will be


Fill with sand, then water, then pound - repeat - repeat


Remove boxes, start roughing out the sculpture


Start adding detail to the rough outline


There you go - a finished product!



The first sculpture in the path - a statement of what was to come.



Some detail from the sculpture above - can you see from where these details were taken?



In my opinion, the least interesting sculpture in the bunch.

 However, could I do as well - NEVER!


The cloth the Indians were weaving had great detail


The Indians hunting while robed in deer skins was superior!


Can you find where this tiny, but very detailed portion of the sculpture was found?


Very, very classic!  The waves were so real it was all one could do to keep from putting your fingers in the "water".


Look at the precise detail of the flag - AND the rigging on the ship!

  Can you even see them on the larger sculpture?



Very realistic


Again - check out the detail


Mom and her little porkers


The largest sculpture of the collection


But not so large as to forget even the smallest animal


Again - Do you even see the details in the larger work?


A tribute to John Audubon


Birds in paradise.


A wise old owl - we saw a Great Horned Owl - up close & personal on this trip


The setting made this sculpture even more impressive


Gator approaching!


Looks as if one should stand back


A rare sighting in the wild


Our rarer Gopher Tortoise - let's protect them


Now this is a pile of wildlife.


This is the final sculpture on the path.  What follows is a series of pictures of this particular sculpture. 

What I find so very special about it is not only the detail which several of the shots point out -

 but more impressive to me - the relationship between the animals.  They're setting on other's heads,

 pushing to the front, some are a bit upset, and others, like the snail, just keep on, keeping on.


My favorite sculpture by far - and a fine finish to the display!












































































































Good Bye for 2013