Alaska Trip

Signpost City -  Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
on the ALCAN


Well, here's the problem:

There was a time before digital cameras - I know, its difficult to believe - and our trip to Alaska was pre-digital.   So, although we have maybe 19 rolls of 35mm pictures and 7  hours of videotapes, I've not really been able to post them here.

We (actually Jackie) kept a journal from all our trips.   This started when Jackie's mother gave us the original journal before we left for Alaska.   Jackie has kept it faithfully for all trips and its become invaluable.  To make a long story a bit shorter, we did have the journal posted for some years.   upon popular demand, we would consider making all journals available.

If you want to ask about our Alaska Trip, drop us a note. Until then, this summary will be all that remains.


It's the Journey, not the Destination!


Alaska Trip Complete Journal


- - An Overview -- An Accounting - -

Maryland to Alaska Trip Statistics:


bulletwe took 35 days to complete the journey; traveling 12,456 miles
bulletwe visited 22 states: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
bulletwe visited two provinces: Alberta and British Columbia
bulletwe visited one territory: the Yukon
bulletwe drove the length of the ALCAN, the Alaska - Canadian Highway
bulletwe spent over 20 hours on ferries; the longest trip was the 15 hour voyage from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy
bulletwe visited 15 National Parks, 12 in the United States and 3 in Canada: Theodore Roosevelt, Glacier, Denali, Golden Spike, Bryce Canyon, Glen Canyon, Navajo, Mesa Verde, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Jefferson Memorial Expansion Arch, Lincoln's Boyhood Home, Yoho, Jasper, and Kulane Reserve.
bulletwe visited a number of parks which are either privately managed or Indian reservations: Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
bulletwe visited too many state or provincial parks to mention, but the more memorable were: Sand Bar, Lakelse, Liard Hot Springs, and Stone Mountain
bulletwe spent $307.67 on gasoline; as high as $2.80 (Canadian) a gallon, had two oil changes, but not one flat tire, no broken windshields or headlights - we averaged 28 mpg, overall
bulletwe took 14 cassettes of video tape (7 hours), and 19 rolls of 35 mm film
bulletwe saw salmon spawn, three types of bear, white-tail and mule deer, caribou, antelope, elk, coyote, fox, mountain sheep, mountain goats, moose, prairie dogs, buffalo, hundreds of birds, and the ever popular Columbian ground squirrels
bulletwe found rodeo's where ever we visited; could not find a room in over a 300 mile radius one night due to a combination of a rodeo and a pow-wow. We were lucky enough to see the Alaska State Fair in Fairbanks
bulletwe had one rule: if we wanted to see something, we saw it - we had only one scheduled event or reservation the entire trip! This caused many tradeoff's ; the most significant was we didn't drive up to the Arctic Circle, but the tradeoff was we had a full day to slowly visit perhaps the most beautiful place on earth: the Skeena River
bulletwe normally put in a twelve hour day - leaving about seven a.m. and finding a place to stay about seven p.m.; the typical day found up on the road about six hours, and stopping to see sights about six hours.......


In Conclusion

Our Thoughts, When Home at Last

The trip ends 35 days later with everyone covered with the remainder of the red dust from Monument Valley, road weary, tired of the motels, the strange beds, and having the hum of the highway in our ears; anxious to find out about family and friends. 

Our heads are filled with too many sights and sounds, as we struggle to organize and reconstruct the trip, as we remember with wonder the magnificent things we've experienced. We're ready to stop, unpack and unwind. Yet, if you'll look real close, you'll see a smile on our face; we're already planning our next trip.....