Are You The Type To Keep Score? 

I guess many of us may be a bit competitive.  I know that when we travel we, as often as not, enter a series of travel discussions with companions on the tour and several subjects come up:  did you travel with a group; did you go completely alone; which company did you use; how long did you stay; just how costly was the trip; how were the people in the country you visited?  Sooner or later, included in this discussion, and I'm as bad as the next person, is a naming of all the places visited.  Generally this accounting does not come as a list, as in , "We have gone to .......and .......", rather as a, "While we were in X....", or "We used X agency to go to ......."  Say what you will, this is a just a method of keeping score, with the high scorer having visited the most places and feeling, well, smug. 

So for all of you / us who keep track of such things, we invite you to check out the lists that follow and see just where you score.  I realized, after looking at these lists, the amount of traveling we've done is not as vast as we thought, and there remains an entire world out there to visit, most of which we will never see. 

OK, how well traveled are you - have you "done" all the places on the lists?  Have you visited all the places on any one of the lists? Check out the lists below:

1,000 Places to Visit Before You Die

Seven Wonders of the World 

World Heritage Sites

Worlds Best Ruins 

Craziest Drivers in the World


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