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The Travel Pictures section represents a pictorial view of trips we've taken over the years. Of course, space and bandwidth limits us from sharing all the pictures we've taken.  We've placed to majority of the pictures with the most recent trips - the older trips have fewer pictures for they may have been pre-digital or kept on slides.  Some sites have a "Journal" selection which gives you our commentary, day-to-day, of the journey.  The journals give you personal impressions, likes and dislikes, surprises and disappointments, and a feel for the trip no picture can convey.  Some of the more recent trip pages also have a "Fellow Travelers" selection.   These are pictures of folks with us on the trip.  Those pictures might be of more interest to those past companions than the casual site visitor and are available for copying by all those with whom we've had the pleasure of traveling.

For those who travel and who keep close account of where they've visited, we've included a Do You Keep Score? section which offers several well know lists of famous and not-so-famous locations around the world.  These lists could be used to determine just how well traveled one might be - or indicate how impossible it is to see "everything" in one lifetime. 

We've also taken space on the site to share some Family Pictures - of course these transitory files will be of little or no interest to those with whom we've traveled.

Please take the time to tell us which pictures were of special interest to you, and especially if you would like us to send you a copy.  Although copyrighted, we give permission to those who traveled with us to copy and reproduce pictures with our blessing and encouragement. 

We've really loved all of those with whom we've traveled.  We thank them for their companionship, assistance, and patience over the years.   You have made each of our trips more rewarding than they would have ever been had we traveled alone.

Thanks again for visiting our travel site and we look forward to hearing from you, or better yet, traveling with you - perhaps again.  We can be reached at

Jackie and Earl Gillespie

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