I need a prolog?  Yep - I need to explain why its taken me several to put this page up.  There were two primary reasons.  


First, the amount of information / pictures / commentary would be too much for most people - so why do it?  I'd only frustrate myself trying to be both comprehensive and circumscribed at the same time.  Second, our very best pictures were "films".  The pictures of the icebergs are really neat, but they pale in comparison to the films of them as they pass within 50 feet of the ship - as is the case of pictures of penguins vs. films of them swimming along side the ship.


None-the-less I've waded through the literally hundreds of pictures (if as you read this and do not find pictures, I am still editing them.  They WILL be up ASAP.  I put the page outlines and structure up prior to loading pictures)  and put up those that I hope are worth seeing.  As for the films - At this juncture, as I put the pieces of the page together, I don't know if I will have figured out how to make them run as the page is published. 


So with that, the page starts below. 

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Trip:  To and From Antarctica


Eighteen days on board the Azamara Journey - eleven "stops" along the way, a total of over 5,500 miles at sea - and that doesn't include the miles in the air from Orlando to La Serena, and then back from Buenos Aries to Orlando.  


Worth every minute!


We've included descriptions with each selection below, having borrowed very heavily from the daily bulletin we found in our cabin each day. 


The cabin was a real winner.  Our travel agents (travel doctor, and favorite fellow traveler) Pam and Charles Bullock, suggested which cabins to reserve.  What a great choice - on the rear of the boat, out of the wind, sheltered from the weather and able to see and photograph from both sides.  


And photograph we did.  We took nearly 10 meg of photos on this trip.  It was a real challenge and nearly impossible to attempt to edit them down.  We were faced with a dual problem ; just how many pictures can you take of the Fjords, the Magellan Strait, and especially - icebergs?  Well, plenty!  Then, just how many would folks really want to see?


Well, take your chances - select below by clicking on the location.   The journal was lost during a trip to Iceland.  All that remains is represented by some emails we sent while on the trip.  The Traveling Companions will be of interest primarily to Pam and Charles; the E & J section will primarily be of interest only to family.


                       La Serena, Valdivia, Puerto Montt, Chile 

                          Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, Chile

                               Ushuaia, Argentina

                                    Melchior Island, Antarctica

                                       Deception Island, Antarctica

                                            Iceberg Alley, Antarctica

                                                Elephant Island, Antarctica

                                                    The SEA, the SHIP

                                                        Montevideo, Uruguay

                                                            Buenos Aries, Argentina

                                                                Antarctica Traveling Companions

                                                                    E & J Antarctica Trip

                                                                           The Journal


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